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Arrogance versus confidence

"The candidate came across as a little arrogant."  That’s a comment we occasionally hear from our clients as a reason for not hiring a candidate. And sometimes when I hear that comment, I ask myself, “I…

Job loss, touchy-feeliness & info interviews

Do you recall Aaron, the touchy-feely Seinfeld character whose odd mannerisms added the phrase close-talker to the American lexicon way back in 1994? Played by actor Judge Reinhold, Aaron exhibited an irrational emotional attachment to…

Story from a healthcare consultant

I enjoy listening to stories. It is one of the reasons I appreciate my job in healthcare consulting. I get the opportunity to speak with interesting people from across the healthcare spectrum and listen to…

Speak Nurse

Do you speak Nurse? If you don’t and you are employed in healthcare management or facilities, perhaps you should. To start on your journey to speak Nurse, first read the short story below. It was…

We are not the company we were

Gosselin/Martin Associates has been in healthcare consulting for more than 14 years. And just as the discipline we specialize in, healthcare facilities management has morphed over the years, so to have we. Sure our firm's…
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