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Speak Nurse

Do you speak Nurse? If you don’t and you are employed in healthcare management or facilities, perhaps you should. To start on your journey to speak Nurse, first read the short story below. It was…

We are not the company we were

Gosselin/Martin Associates has been in healthcare consulting for more than 14 years. And just as the discipline we specialize in, healthcare facilities management has morphed over the years, so to have we. Sure our firm's…

Heed This Email Advice

Your email account can get you fired. But if you heed some simple advice you likely won't lose your old job as you seek a new job. Before the advice, some background from our perspective…

“No” Can Sink your Search

You send out scores of resumes to help land your ideal healthcare facilities management role: Some resumes are sent blindly, others are targeted. Some times you receive a response, often you do not. You get…

Planning your education for 2019? Call us

If you have been involved in healthcare facilities the last several years, you have witnessed an evolution in the competencies required for success.   Technical expertise was once enough to be effective: No longer. Now,…
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